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Exercises for new mums and babies

Getting back into exercise after having a baby doesn’t have to be hard. Here is some advice and practical demonstrations about how to exercise safely after birth, how to avoid injury when holding and picking up your baby and when to progress to different types of exercises.

I am a physiotherapist at Your Community Health and I work specifically with new mums after birth. One of the most common things I hear is that people think they should be getting back into exercise straight away after birth. Whilst it’s true that there are some gentle exercises you can do, you also have to take it slow. Your body has been through a lot and you don’t want to risk further injury.

We have put together some information sheets and videos to help guide you through different stages of exercising – including using your interaction with your baby in a way that helps your body too!

Back care for new parents

Many new parents experience back pain. A lot of this comes from all the extra bending and lifting you are doing. But it is easily preventable.

For more information about back care and why it is important, read our fact sheet. Here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Sit in comfortable chairs with good back support, particularly when feeding.
  • When feeding solids sit with your back support and make sure the back isn’t twisted.
  • Avoid prolonged forward movements. Bend the knees and move down close to the activity rather than move from the back.
  • Avoid sudden and repetitive movements.
  • Lift correctly, bend knees, keep the back straight, hold the object close to your body.
  • Keep work surfaces at waist hip height.
  • Alternate sitting and standing jobs.
  • Maintain regular exercise, go for walks, swim or join an exercise group.

Return to exercise with a new baby

In this video I talk about the different phases of exercise that you can build up to after you have a baby.


This helpful fact sheet has exercises that you can use in your daily routine.

For more information about pelvic floor exercises, as discussed in the video, have a look at Pelvic Floor First or this article on pelvic floor strengthening.

Exercising with a new baby

These exercises are designed as a postnatal, appropriate workout, but they’re also a fun way to engage with your baby.

If you would like more support or information, book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. Call (03) 8470 1111.