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Meet Glenn, one of our volunteers

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we are sharing interviews with some of our fantastic volunteers from across the organisation. We are also hosting a Volunteer Expo on Thursday at our East Reservoir health centre to showcase our volunteer program and actively recruit volunteers – we hope you can join us!

Glenn (he/him) began volunteering with Your Community Health just before the COVID-19 Pandemic begun. He is a valued member of our Consumer Advisory Committee and advocates on behalf of our clients to support new and improved services and processes at Your Community Health.

How did you start volunteering at Your Community Health? 

I began volunteering here because a couple of the staff members I knew encouraged me to give it a go. They thought I had some good insights that would support the client experience here. I just squeaked in before COVID shut everything down a few years back.

What kind of volunteering have you done at Your Community Health? 

I have mainly supported the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), attending the monthly meetings and discussing new services, publications, processed etc. The other Committee members and I advocate on behalf of our fellow clients and community members, and help Your Community Health be the best it can be.

What volunteering accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I really enjoyed the work we did as a Committee on the organisation’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026. We made sure there was a strong focus on continuously improving the client experience, and growing services and supports to meet community need.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering?

It honestly just makes me feel good. I like knowing that I am helping out and making a difference.

How do you fit volunteering around your other activities or responsibilities?

Being clear on when the different CAC activities are so I can organise my time helps a lot. But I enjoy making time for these activities.

What would you say to encourage someone who is thinking about volunteering? 

You should give it a go! Your views are important and can help your community. Also, there are people that will help you get started and along the way, so you can feel comfortable with volunteering.