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Will you stand with community health?


Community health services offer so much more than health checks. They are an important part of the local area providing social connection and opportunities that play a vital role in improving the community’s health and wellbeing. But sadly these services are under threat.

As one of our clients, Nancy (aged 81) told me, “I love the company of the social support program. Without it I would be sitting at home all week”.

It’s because of people like Nancy that I want to ensure that we can continue to run the programs and provide the range of services that our community needs.

That’s why we are joining the Victorian Healthcare Association and 29 other community health services to call on the next government to stand with community health and better support community health services to meet the needs of our clients and communities.

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Why are community health services important?

Community health services have a unique understanding of the people they serve, which means we can develop localised responses to social and health issues. We deliver primary health, human services and community-based support in convenient community locations.

We provide a range of health services all in one place, so that clients of all ages and backgrounds get the best possible care. Our staff work together to coordinate your care – whether it is for your teeth or feet or anywhere in between! Plus, we value social connection for uplifting your wellbeing and provide a range of social support services.

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What will this campaign do?

To say you stand with community health is to stand for a stronger health system. This campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of the importance of community health
  • tell government to reduce wait times for public dental services by increasing investment in services
  • improve and modernise community health services, by calling on the government to invest more in funding into fit-for-purpose facilities
  • grow the number of community health services available in your area in order to respond to population growth

You can read the full details of our policy calls to government here.

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What can you do?


Thank you for your support!