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The joy of music

Come and experience the joy of music!

Research has shown music can reduce stress, improve speech and cognitive skills. Music therapy is often used in memory care treatment to slow the decline of speech skills in dementia patients and can inspire individuals who are non-verbal to communicate by singing or humming.  Music therapy may also improve cognitive ability in older people.

Given the benefits of singing and music, we are piloting a multicultural singing group. Women and men who range in ages between 61 and 95 years who speak English, Arabic, Greek and Italian have been meeting weekly to learn and share songs from their cultures.

The group named ‘The Joy of Music’ is guided by Bronwyn Calcutt, an accomplished performer, teacher, artist and leader of Expressive Women’s Choir and Shaking the Tree.

When asked why they wanted to join the program, group members tell me they were hoping to ease stress, meet people and learn new skills.

 “I am getting older I like to meet new friends rather than staying home and feeling depressed”

“I have already noticed just today that just doing the breather exercises with Bronwyn is making me feel uplifted”

The group recently hosted a small performance for family and friends, during which they sang songs in English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. The performance was a beautiful demonstration of the trust and friendships that have formed throughout the project and the group’s singing brought smile to all who attended.

The group will be take a break in recognition and support of Ramadan and will resume on 13 June 2019.

For more information about the group please contact me on (03) 8458 6774.