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  • Vaccines available – we have all COVID vaccine doses, including the new Moderna Bivalent – Omicron specific vaccine. To get your COVID-19 vaccination, please book an appointment with one of our GPs.
  • Chat to your GP if you are unsure which vaccination or booster you are due for, they can look up your immunisation record and answer any question. To get your COVID-19 vaccination, please book an appointment with one of our GPs.

What you need to know about Long COVID and COVID Antivirals

Over the past two years, we have heard a lot about COVID-19, from testing and isolation to vaccination. Two things you may not have heard much about are Long COVID and COVID Antivirals.

What are the symptoms of Long COVID, what does it mean and how do we treat it? What are COVID Antivirals and how they can help you get better quicker?

We asked healthcare professionals from our team at Your Community Health and our partners at Somali Healthcare Professionals to tell us more in these videos and podcasts.

Victorian General Practice Respiratory Clinics, including our Northcote GP Respiratory Clinic, are closed from 1 November 2023.

People experiencing respiratory symptoms will be able to receive the same care through their usual GP.

If you don’t have a usual GP, our General Practice Clinic is able to see you at our East Reservoir health centre at 125 Blake Street, Reservoir. Please contact us on 03 8470 1111 to make an appointment.

If you need emergency medical care, please call 000.

Respirator Mask Fit Testing

We offer respirator mask fit testing for healthcare organisation.

We provide:

  • Fit testing of P2/N95 masks
  • Education on fit checking, donning, doffing and disposal
  • Reports – for the individual and the organisation
  • Your staff come to us – no minimum number of persons or
  • We come to you – minimum six persons
  • Minimal disruption to your business at only 20-30 mins per person.

Visit our Respirator Mask Fit Testing page to make a booking request.