Being respectful to our staff and clients

Being respectful to our staff and clients

Giving the best care to our clients means that we must support our staff to do their best work. It is important that our health centres are safe workplaces, free of physical or verbal abuse. This includes staff being exposed to aggressive behavior, threats, intimidation and physical attacks to themselves or property. Threatening, obscene, racist, sexist or demeaning language and name calling are not acceptable.

What we expect from our clients and visitors

Your Community Health staff are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment where people and communities of all identities, abilities and backgrounds are accepted, safe and celebrated. We welcome people of all ethnicities, faiths, socio-economic circumstances, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, bodies, migration status, age and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent at our services. Our staff are committed to upholding our values of Courage, Empathy, Integrity and Achievement in the workplace. These values guide us in delivering inclusive and equitable care and support to our clients and community.

We aim to work in partnership with our clients and community members to deliver our health and wellbeing services. We know that seeking healthcare services can be stressful, but we expect clients and visitors not to threaten or harm our staff. This means we will act upon all incidents of violence and aggression.

Consequences of violence or aggressive behaviour at our health centres

If you are violent or aggressive to our staff, we may ask you to sign and agree to a behavioural contract to continue visiting our health centres. If you refuse to do this, we may refuse you access to our health centres and services.

In serious circumstances, reports will be made to Victoria Police.

Aggressive and violent behaviour from clients and visitors towards our staff or clients is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

We ask that you be kind and cooperate with our staff so that we can provide a safe environment for everyone visiting our health centres.

Feedback and complaints

We welcome your feedback, as it helps us to continuously improve our services. To provide feedback, you can:

  • Talk to a member of staff.
  • Complete our Feedback Form below.
  • Download, print and complete the Feedback Form and send it by post or drop it off at any of our centres.
  • Call or write to the Director of Capability and Impact on (03) 8470 1111[email protected] or Your Community Health, 125 Blake Street, East Reservoir, VIC 3073.

For more information on our feedback and complaints process, click here.