Being Valued

Being Valued

Preventing Gendered Violence Impacting LGBTIQA+ People at Work


LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially those who are transgender or gender diverse, face a heightened risk of experiencing gendered violence in the workplace.

We have partnered with Transgender Victoria (TGV) on an exciting new project called Being Valued. Supported by WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell Respect Fund, Being Valued will co-design resources with LGBTIQA+ communities to help employers prevent gendered violence in the workplace. 

Why is this needed?

A significant portion, 31%, of trans and gender diverse individuals have considered leaving their workplace due to gendered violence (Rainbow Tick New Zealand, 2020).  

Additionally, LGBTQIA+ individuals are disproportionately affected by workplace sexual assault (National Survey, Human Rights Commission, 2018).

Existing research predominantly focuses on violence against women, neglecting the experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Being Valued will work with Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary (TGDNB) and LGBTQIA+ individuals to understand their experiences of gendered violence in the workplace. These insights will underpin a co-design process to develop tools and resources that will support leaders in creating safer, more inclusive and gender-affirming workplaces. 

Centering community voices throughout their development, these resources will improve the capacity of workplaces, specifically leaders, to create safe, inclusive and gender affirming workplace cultures for TGDNB and LGBTIQA+ workers. It will be made freely available to all Victorian workplaces via the WorkWell Toolkit, reaching a large number of organisations for even greater impact. 

“We look forward to engaging with community and stakeholders to develop better understandings of safer employment cultures and practices across the State, with attention to the nuances of gender diversity and gendered violence.”
– Son Vivienne, TGV CEO

Project Updates

  • Project Manager appointed.
  • Project Coordinator appointed.
  • Being Valued Co-design Committee being recruited: apply here.

Project Timeline

November 2023-May 2024 

    • Project planning 
    • Establish Governance Committee 

June 2024-November 2024 

    • Community consultation held 
    • Report on work-related gendered violence published 

January 2025-May 2025 

    • Being Valued WorkWell Toolkit launched 
    • Toolkit promoted to Victorian workplaces

Our Partnership

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YourCH and TGV have an ongoing partnership focused on improving the health, wellbeing and safety of TGDNB and LGBTIQA+ people. 

With over 65 years of combined experience in community health and advocacy, we are excited to work together on Being Valued and support safer, more inclusive and gender affirming workplace cultures in Victoria. 

“YourCH and TGV have a long and proud history of partnering to improve health, equity and outcomes for LGBTIQA+ Victorians. We are excited to see how Being Valued will support workplaces in creating safer spaces for TGDNB and LGBTIQA+ workers.” – Kent Burgess, CEO of Your Community Health. 

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Meet the Governance Committee

  • Aram Hosie (he/they)

    Aram is an experienced public affairs professional, and nationally recognised LGBTIQ leader and advocate. Aram is interested in the power of communication, connection and collaboration to create positive change at all levels – individual, organisational, community, and societal.

    Aram has a background in the health and social services sectors, and has worked across both government and non-government settings, with 15 years of experience spanning direct service delivery and program management, through to public policy development and advocacy. 

    Aram holds a Bachelor of Science – Occupational Therapy (Curtin University) and a Master of Politics and Policy (Deakin Melbourne). Aram is currently working at Save The Children as their Chief of Staff prior to this Head of Strategic Communications at the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission. 

  • Fidan Senova (they/them)

    Fidan is an experienced and dedicated medical doctor, with a rich background in emergency medicine, public health, and a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights. They have a history of working with national and international organisations to improve public health, human rights, and specifically fostering an inclusive approach to LGBTI+ health. Their hands-on experience both in clinical and policy making settings has allowed them to hone skills in patient care, health literacy, and accessibility. Moving into the field of Business and Technology, they have been working in project management, strategic growth and commercial development. 

    Driven by a passion for sexual health, their future plans are specialising in Sexology to ensure inclusive, culturally-sensitive care for everyone and develop this field, especially within the Turkish cultural context.  

  • Ruby Mountford (they/them)

    Ruby is an award-winning advocate, public speaker and writer. Their work in LGBTIQA+ and Disability inclusion spans project management, community engagement, co-design facilitation and consultation with local, State, and Federal Governments.

    An alumni of Leadership Victoria’s LGBTI Emerging Leaders and Autism Community Resource Centre’s Future Leaders programs, Ruby was the recipient of Autism Spectrum Australia’s 2020 Inspiration Award and the 2021 National Award for Disability Leadership in Inclusion for their work in LGBTIQA+ Disability. Their contribution to academia includes a research project on the Experiences of LGBTIQA+ People with Disability in Healthcare and Community Services, the findings of which have been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

    Ruby previously worked at YourCH as the LGBTIQA Advisor.

  • Jackson Fairchild (they/them)

    Jackson is a consultant and one of Australia’s leading voices in LGBTIQA+ gendered violence prevention.

    They are a qualified counsellor and clinical supervisor with a background in service leadership, research translation, policy advocacy, governance and organisational change.

    Jackson has held senior roles at Rainbow Health Australia, No To Violence and Thorne Harbour Health, and the Zoe Belle Gender Collective.

  • delsi Moleta (they/them)

    Project Manager

    delsi is a proud queer person who has 15 years of experience working in the LGBTQIA+ sector – spanning queer activism, event production, teaching, filmmaking, community engagement, as well as workshop development and delivery.

    Throughout delsi’s career, they’ve had the privilege of working within LGBTQIA+ organisations such as Minus18, Switchboard Victoria, Joy94.9, Midsumma Festival, Transgender Victoria and Rainbow Network – the queer youth research translation arm for the Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society (ARSCHS) at La Trobe University.

    They are also the owner of the sparkly queer organisation Unicorns, that they developed 11 years ago to bring highly inclusive and accessible late night party spaces to the whole of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Their work within the queer sector has been recognised when they were a Finalist for Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year in both 2019 and 2023, named in the Google Top 50 Australian LGBTI Leaders List and when they were featured in the SBS documentary Asking for It.

    delsi also took a stand against online LGBTQIA+ harassment in 2019 when they became the first Australian LGBTI person to successfully sue someone for anti-queer online defamation.

    delsi is the current title holder for Mx Melbourne Rubber and recently delivered a TEDx talk on the Power of Queer Joy.

  • Rhiann Thomas (she/they)

    Project Coordinator

    Rhiann (she/they) is a queer person with a passion for indigenous activism, community engagement and collaborative research. They have previously interned at Midsumma and worked on the Queer PHOTO 2024 project, as well as curated a community archival exhibition.

    Rhiann holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Anthropology and Ancient World Studies at the University of Melbourne and has conducted research in North African Berber-Roman archaeology. They have delivered a TEDx Youth talk in the past on the experience of second-generation immigrant children in the Australian schooling system.

  • Dr Anita Trezona (she/her)

    Project Evaluator

    Anita is the Founder and Managing Director of Trezona Consulting Group. She is a public health and health promotion specialist with nearly 15 years’ experience across the government, health and community sectors including in policy, management, research and governance roles.

    Anita completed her PhD on health system responsiveness with an emphasis on systemic barriers relating to health literacy and health equity. Through her PhD, she developed a conceptual framework, and organisational self-assessment tool, and has published several articles in the field.

    Anita is an experienced consultant, with strong strategic and analytical skills, and in-depth understanding of health systems, social policy and health and social issues in Australia. Her key capabilities include evaluation, research, strategy development, and organisational governance.