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Group of staff and clients in community garden

Ending merger discussions with EACH

Your Community Health and EACH have decided to end merger discussions that commenced late last year.

Exploring the opportunity to merge was an important step for both organisations in considering how best to build a sustainable future for community health in a changing external environment.

Throughout the process, Your Community Health and EACH have identified many areas of alignment and fully anticipate to work in close collaboration and partnership moving forward in order to continue to provide accessible and responsive services for our local communities. However this will not be done through a formal merger.

The merger process was significantly delayed and then put on hold due to COVID-19, so both organisations could assess and attend to the rapidly adapting needs of their communities. Due to this uncertain situation and future both Boards agreed they needed to prioritise the immediate future for their respective organisations and communities.

Your Community Health has long been committed to exploring any initiatives and innovations that may strengthen our ability to provide quality services to more people – it is this thinking that enables us to ensure our efficiency and effectiveness as an organisation. That is why we are pleased to have explored opportunities with EACH.

We are in a strong, stable position and look forward to continuing to explore all relevant opportunities for innovation and enhancement in this rapidly changing environment.

Whilst we will always continue to explore opportunities that allow us to bring more services to more people, our priority will always be responding to our community’s needs.