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[Image Description: White background with pink text that reads: ‘most people say they haven’t met a trans or gender diverse person. Let’s change that.’ Under the text are illustrations of people in pink, blue and white, smiling and posing. Under the illustrations of the people is pink text that reads: ‘’. In the bottom right corner is a pink quarter circle with white text inside that reads: ‘trans day of visibility 31st March 2024’.]

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! 

TDOV was started in 2009 as a day for celebrating trans identity, community, and visibility. It’s about centering pride, amplifying representation for gender diverse communities, and bringing our allies on the journey.

Check out our friends at Transgender Victoria, who have launched a great campaign called Let’s change that, sharing ways to be a better ally this Trans Day of Visibility!

Take a few minutes to visit to watch, listen and learn from Amao, Fern, Kim, Ricki and Sam, download the allyship kit and to sign up for their lunch and learn webinar.

Be an ally. Change a life.