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Stronger Culture, Stronger Tomorrow

YourCH delivered the Stronger Culture, Stronger Tomorrow project to strengthen connection to culture for young Aboriginal people to build on and increase understanding of culture, food and wellbeing. This project was funded by a Vichealth Big Connect Grant and was delivered between April 2022- October 2023. 

A critical part of the Stronger Culture Stronger Tomorrow program was the walks on Country. We worked closely with our partners (including Aboriginal controlled organisations) to have the opportunity to deliver components of the program on Country. Walking on country opens our eyes and hearts to our environment and our connection to land, culture, country and community. Being on Country started yarns about our ancestors and the experience connecting with the stories and history and culture. 

During one of the walks, a participant noticed a nest in a gum tree and asked what type of bird it may have been that had built such a large nest.  It was a Wedge Tailed Eagles nest, which led to a yarn about Bunjil (the eagle) and its significance to Aboriginal cultural beliefs.  

To find out more here is the story of Bunjil, as narrated Aunty Joy Murphy AO, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Elder.

Another session was run focusing on Indigenous plant seed collecting.  At the time, kangaroos’ grass seeds were prevalent, so we collected the seeds to be taken to the seed bank so they could be germinated, and seedlings replanted back on country. The group had a yarn about how the seeds relate to our food systems and the importance of this to our ancestors.  Kangaroo grass is used by our ancestors for thousands of years. Kangaroo grass grains were harvested and ground into flour and porridge.

The on-country part of the Stronger Culture, Stronger Tomorrow program was essential for Aboriginal people as it supports cultural preservation, land stewardship, well-being, self-determination, and reconciliation. The programs recognize and respect the deep connection Aboriginal people have with their traditional lands and contribute to their overall empowerment and resilience.