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Man in wheelchair exercising with dumbbells at home

Chair based exercises you can do at home!

Hi, I’m Betty and I’m one of the Allied Health Assistants here at Your Community Health.

Under normal circumstances I run exercise classes for clients as part of my role. But we’ve had to put these on hold during COVID-19 to help keep you safe. I miss seeing my clients and wanted to make sure that they could still exercise whilst they are staying at home. It’s a good way to keep mentally and physically well.

So with the help of my colleagues Angela and Cathie, I’ve put together a series of simple chair based exercises that you can do from the comfort of your living room. You can watch all the videos in order and do the whole set in about 20 minutes. Or you can select the ones you want to do and repeat for as long as you feel comfortable!

Part 1: Introduction

Learn about the exercises in series. You can click the video below and run the whole series, or just select the section you want below.

Part 2: Set up

Get everything ready so you can exercise comfortably and safely.

Part 3: Warm up

These exercises help warm up your muscles.

Part 4: Leg exercises

Here I take you through some leg exercises. Remember you can repeat these for as long as you want and take breaks whenever you need. If you can, you can still go for a walk around the block to exercise too.

Part 5: Arm exercises

You can do these arm exercises with tin cans of food instead of weights!

Part 6: Core and range of movement

We’re almost at the end! These exercises improve the mobility in your joints and gently engage the core muscles.

Part 7: Stretches

It’s important to always stretch and cool down after exercising so you don’t injure yourself. You’ll feel better for it!

Well done! Try to do some gentle exercise every day and do this routine at least once a week if you can.

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